[118] Kyoto named top tourism destination


Kyoto named top tourism destination The city of Kyoto was named by a survey of frequent travelers as the best tourism destination in the world. The survey was conducted by Travel + Leisure Magazine. Cities were rated on the basis of culture, arts, food, and value for money. Others high on the list were Charleston, South Carolina, followed by Florence (Firenze) and Rome, Italy; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Istanbul, Turkey; Seville and Barcelona in Spain; Mexico City, and New Orleans, Louisiana.


get roped into something

Richard: I’m going camping in the mountains this weekend, but I don’t really want to.

John: So why are you going?

Richard: Some of my old college friends planned the trip, and they roped me into it.

Explanation: When we say that someone has been “roped into” doing something, it means that someone pressured or influenced them to go somewhere or to help with an event. It is like a cowboy throwing a rope around a cow and pulling it into a corral.


fabricated results

Mrs. Lopez: I heard that the new blood pressure drug is really great. Can you prescribe it for me?

Dr. Rodriquez: I would prefer to wait for a few months. There are some accusations that the drug company fabricated the clinical trial results. We should wait until the investigation is over.

Explanation: We can use the phrase “fabricated results” when we want to say that a scientific test was not done properly. It means that the numbers were changed on purpose.


White collar / blue collar

Dear Mr. Brown:
Our product is selling well with white collar workers, but it is too expensive for blue collar workers to afford. I think we should make a more simple product at a lower price.

Explanation: We sometimes call medical professionals and office workers “white collar” workers because they often wear white shirts or lab coats. We can call factory employees and manual workers “blue collar” because of the blue uniforms that they traditionally used to wear.