[239] Emirates 2-floor 380 planes returning to Narita


Emirates 2-floor 380 planes returning to Narita Flights from Tokyo-Narita to Dubai on Emirates Airlines will once again be served by the largest passenger aircraft in the World: the double level, super wide Airbus A380. Recent Narita-Dubai flights were provided on Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, but increased demand has brought a reintroduction of the A380, which carries almost 500 passengers. The First Class section on each plane is equipped with 14 private suites, including beds and shower facilities.

reintroduction (noun): 再び導入


California schools hit with massive Norovirus outbreak In one of California’s northern counties, more than 1,000 students and school staff members have been sickened in an outbreak of the norovirus. Victims had typical norovirus symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, fever, nausea, and stomach pain. The Yolo County Department of Public Health issued public warnings that read “The most important steps to prevent the spread of Norovirus is to stay home if you are sick for another 48 hours after symptoms go away and for everyone to regularly wash their hands.” The outbreak occurred in more than 30 schools in the area, which includes the schools west of Sacramento, and also University of California at Davis.


undivided attention

SampleMolly: Can I talk with you for a few minutes about our cousin’s upcoming wedding?

April: Sure, but I have to warn you that I’m helping my son with his homework, and I’m also trying to check my email, so I can’t concentrate so well at the moment.

Molly: In that case, let’s talk tomorrow. Perhaps you can give me your undivided attention then.

Explanation: The term “undivided attention” means that a person is focusing completely on one thing.

(give) undivided attention: 専心(する)


symptoms have subsided

SampleAnastasia: I felt really awful last week, and had to stay home with stomach problems. I missed a few days of work. But I’m feeling better today. Can I go back to work tomorrow?

Doctor Perez: Compared with last week, your symptoms have subsided, but you might still be contagious, so it’s better for you to stay home for another 48 hours. After that, you should be able to return to work.

Explanation: The term “your symptoms have subsided” means that the appearance of a sickness has gone away, or almost gone away. The Latin prefix “sub” means to go under, or to be under.

subside/subsided: 引いた・おさまりました


cracking down on [ A ]

Hello Richard:

Lately the government has been cracking down on bars and nightclubs that sell alcohol to minors. We need to post a sign in front of our restaurant stating that minors are strictly prohibited from ordering alcoholic beverages of any kind.

Explanation: The phrase “cracking down on [ A ]” means that the government or management of a company is making a strong effort to follow a rule. We can say “the tax office is cracking down on tax evaders” or “the police are cracking down on loud parties around the university.” The noun form is “a crackdown,” as in the phrase “The chief of police has announced a new crackdown on drunk driving.”

cracking down on [ A ] (verb): 取り締まる・鉄槌を下す