[150] Flight attendant code words


Flight attendant code words A recent article explained some special terms used by commercial flight crews. Among the terms are “red eye flight” which means a flight that starts before 1:00am and lands after 1:00am, and a “pink eye flight” which is late at night but not travelling at 1:00am. A “turn and burn” means a short stop without getting off the plane, quickly taking off again for another city. The term “lips and tips” means stewardesses are told to wear matching lipstick and nail polish. A “UM” is an unaccompanied minor, meaning a child travelling without their parents and needing assistance from the flight crew.


are you kidding me?

Greg: I want to buy a small sailboat and go on a trip by myself. I’m thinking of sailing to Tahiti alone.

Sophie: What? Are you kidding me? What if there’s a big storm in the middle of the ocean? Nobody will be able to find you. You could drown!

Explanation: When we say “Are you kidding me?” it means that we can’t believe what the other person is saying. It is similar to saying “Are you serious?”


promising technology

Doctor: Is it true that in a few years, diabetic patients might be able to inject themselves with insulin just once per day?

Researcher: Yes, there are new drugs being developed that can release insulin as needed, and administered through an easy-to-use pump. It’s a very promising technology.

Explanation: The term “promising technology” means a technology that has a high chance of making life better for patients.


blocked the move

Mrs. Yeoh:

Our Human Resources department wanted to hire three more technicians, but the managers at the head office blocked the move. Now we will have to ask the current staff to work overtime until next year.

Explanation: To “block a move” is to stop something from happening. It is like blocking another player in a sports game.