[188] David Bowie said to have been cremated


David Bowie said to have been cremated News agencies have reported that rock star and actor David Bowie wished to be cremated rather than having a large funeral. Bowie was born in the U.K. and divided his time between the U.K. and his home in New York. He had a highly successful career of making music and films that spanned more than 4 decades. His wife, former supermodel Iman, was born in Mogadishu, Somalia. Fans gathered in various places, including Bowie’s birthplace in the South London district of Brixton, to lay flowers and other gifts in his memory.

cremation: 火葬


Will Smith stars in movie about sports concussions Released in December 2015 in the U.S., Will Smith plays the role of pathologist Bennet Omalu M.D. The film is based on the true story of Dr. Omalu’s findings and actions after he performed an autopsy on Pittsburgh Steelers football player “Iron Mike” Webster, who died mysteriously at the age of 50. Dr. Omalu saw that Webster’s body showed signs of repeated brain trauma and neurodegenerative disease, which Dr. Omalu called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The movie highlights the risk of brain trauma and psychological disorders after years of playing high-impact sports such as American football or hockey.

autopsy: 解剖
neurodegeneration: 神経変性



Natalie: If you want to register to compete in this year’s marathon race, you will need to get a medical certificate and turn in your application to the university sports center by next Friday.

Molly: That’s valuable information. I’ll start getting the papers I need, and register by Wednesday.

Explanation: We can say “that’s valuable” about information that has good use or value to us. We also say that something is valuable if it is worth a great amount of money, such as “This gold ring is extremely valuable.”

valuable information: お得な情報


relatively low

Patient: I heard that drinking coffee or tea at night will keep me awake. Is that true?

Doctor Garcia: Yes, coffee and tea both have caffeine, which will keep you awake, but herbal tea has a relatively low caffeine level, compared with coffee.

Explanation: The phrase “relatively low” means that the amount is low compared to the other item in the sentence. We could say “Compared to Ireland, Tokyo has a relatively low amount of rainfall.” We can use other phrases such as “relatively low percentage.” The same can also be used for “relatively high amount,” etc.

caffeine (noun): カフェイン
relatively (adjective): 比較的・相対的


working the graveyard shift

Hello Cora:

I’m working the graveyard shift from Friday night until early Saturday morning. Can you come in to work after me from Saturday morning until Saturday afternoon?

Explanation: The phrase “graveyard shift” means the time from late at night until early the next morning. Companies that work on a 24-hour basis, such as hotels, hospitals, and express delivery companies, usually have a morning shift, an afternoon shift, and a night (graveyard) shift.

graveyard: 墓地
graveyard shift (noun): 深夜勤務