[186] London Hyde Park visitors tracked through phones


London Hyde Park visitors tracked through phones Mobile phone network providers and a branch of the U.K. Royal Parks authority have assembled data on people walking through Hyde Park, without consent of the mobile phone owners. The data that was collected included the ages of the phone-owners, their location in the park, and their city of origin. Several network and data service companies were involved in the covert data collection. Hyde Park is one of London’s biggest attractions, with more than 12,000,000 people visiting the park in 2014 alone.

covert/covertly: 隠密・隠密行動


LifeWrap increases chances of surviving post-partum hemorrhage A simple pressure wrap system using Velcro is being promoted as a way to stabilize blood loss in cases of post-partum hemorrhaging (PPH) after the birth process. The LifeWrap system resembles a diving wetsuit, with sections that can be fastened with Velcro around a delivering mother’s lower body. The tightness of the suit creates pressure on the body that increases the blood pressure. The return of normal blood pressure keeps the mother alive until she can receive a blood transfusion. In many rural areas of the Third World, a blood transfusion request can take hours to fill, and the LifeWrap can buy time until the blood is delivered.

post-partum hemorrhage: (産褥)出血 (blood)
transfusion (noun): 輸血


tie up some loose ends

Aly: Are you going to come to the end-of-year karaoke party with us?

Saori: I’d like to, but I still have some work left to do at the office. I need to tie up some loose ends, and then maybe I’ll join you. I’ll call you from the office phone when I’m finished.

Explanation: The phrase “tie up some loose ends” means to finish some things that aren’t 100% finished yet. It is like putting something in a box and then tying the string around the box in order to finish it. We often use this phrase when we have to work late on a Friday, or work for a couple of hours on the weekend.


migraine headache

Patient: Sometimes my head hurts really bad, but just on one side. Is that normal?

Doctor Johnson: You have described the symptoms of a migraine headache. The pain on only one side of the head is a key factor in identifying migraine pain.

Explanation: The phrase “migraine headache” comes from the ancient Greek phrase “hemi-krania,” which means ‘half of the skull.’ It is used to describe a very strong, splitting pain on one side of the head. It is often pronounced like “my grain” or “me grain.”


watch him like a hawk

Dear Mrs. Davis:

We have learned that Mr. Evans in the accounting department might be stealing money from the company. Whenever you ask him to transfer money out of the office, you need to watch him like a hawk and report any suspicious behavior to my department.

Explanation: The phrase “watch someone like a hawk” means to watch someone’s actions very carefully. In English, it is common to use phrases related to hawks and eagles to describe good eyesight, or watching something closely.

hawk (noun): 鷹
suspicious (adjective): 怪しい