[202] Obama to Hiroshima


Obama to Hiroshima U.S. President Barack Obama has announced that he will be the first serving U.S. president to visit the city of Hiroshima, which was the first city in the history of the World to be attacked with an atomic weapon. President Obama has spoken repeatedly in favor of nuclear disarmament and received the Nobel Prize for Peace in the first year of his presidency in 2009. He is expected to visit Hiroshima on May 27th, 2016, after the G7 leaders summit on Ise island in Mie Prefecture. Even though Obama is scheduled to visit the Peace Park, political analysts do not expect him to make an apology for the bombing.

disarmament (noun): 軍縮
nuclear disarmament (noun): 核軍縮


Pop star Prince may have developed an addiction to the opioid drug Percocet, according to preliminary reports after his death. Sources reported that Prince was in pain due to hip joint inflammation after years of jumping off stage platforms and making gymnastic moves during his performances. The official autopsy results still have not been released.

addiction (noun): 嗜癖・常用癖
opioid (noun): オピオイド
preliminary (adjective): 下調べ・予備的
autopsy (noun): 解剖



Andy: My car is broken, so we cannot drive to the mountain resort. Is there any other way for us to get there?

Frank: Yes, one option is to take the cable car. Another option is to take the bus from the main train station. It will only take about half an hour.

Explanation: The phrase “option” means a choice that we could make. It is pronounced like “op-shun.” If there only a few options, we sometimes say “There aren’t many options left.” We can also say “We are running out of options.”

option: 選択権


intercostal space

Mrs. Martinez: Will you have to cut through my husband’s ribs to perform surgery on his lungs?

Dr. Jones: No, we can simply insert a catheter though the intercostal space between the ribs in order to drain the fluid without cutting through any bones. There is no need for invasive surgery.

Explanation: The “intercostal space” is located between a person’s ribs. The term “intercostal space” in used to describe the soft tissue between the bones of the ribcage.

intercostal (noun): 肋間



Hello Mr. Perez:

We have to wait until the USFDA is finished with their investigation before we can start selling our new drug product. The USFDA investigation is ongoing and we don’t expect an answer until next month.

Explanation: A project that is “ongoing” is continuing, but it has not been completed yet.

ongoing: 進行中