[213] Solar Impulse 2 completes round-the-world solar flight


Solar Impulse 2 completes round-the-world solar flight The all-solar-powered aircraft has completed the last flight from Cairo, Egypt, landing in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The project to fly 40,000km around the world using only solar energy started in Abu Dhabi last year. The aircraft made a series of eastbound flights, stopping in India, China, Japan, Hawaii, North America and Seville, Spain. On the final leg over Saudi Arabia the temperatures reached 45 degrees. The aircraft used solar cells on the 70-meter wingspan to charge batteries in the daytime, storing excess energy for flying at night. The pilots were sometimes flying for more than 40 hours at a time, taking only short naps in the cockpit.

wingspan (noun): 翼幅
excess: 超過分


Olympus endoscopy scandal Japanese optics company Olympus has issued a product recall on its endoscopy equipment. American news reports found that the company did not properly warn medical institutions in the U.S. about potential infections from their gastrointestinal scope equipment. The endoscopy tubes are made of sensitive material that cannot be steam-sterilized. So far in the U.S. 35 people have died as a result of infections transmitted by endoscopy equipment.

endoscopy (adj/noun): 内視鏡検査



Lillian: How was your flight back from the conference in Taiwan?

Xavier: It wasn’t a long flight, and the food on the plane was fine, but after we took off there was some heavy turbulence for about 10 minutes.

Lillian: Yes, it happens sometimes, especially during typhoon season. But I’m glad that you landed safely.

Explanation: The term “turbulence” means that the plane was shaking because of strong winds and weather patterns. We use it as a noun, in sentences such as “The passengers and crew encountered heavy turbulence on the flight.” We can also use it as an adjective, in phrases such as “The marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Yamada is in a turbulent phase.”

turbulence: 乱気流・不穏


screen the staff

Dr. Jenkins: There seems to be an outbreak of hepatitis in our hospital.

Dr. Griffin: In that case, we need to screen all of the patients, and we also need to screen the staff.

Explanation: The term “screen the staff” means to test all of the hospital staff to make sure that they are not transmitting any infections back and forth with the patients.

screen/screening: 検診


ramp up production

Hello Mr. Ree:

Our company just got a huge order for thousands of silicon chips per week, but we can only produce a few hundred per week with our present staff and operations. We need to ramp up production at our factory. I want to see production doubled by the end of the year.

Explanation: The term “ramp up production” means to increase the production, like a vehicle driving up a ramp in a parking garage. The noun “ramp” means a road or short piece of steel that helps a vehicle go up to a higher location, like driving up a parking garage. Most buildings have a “wheelchair ramp.” that allows disabled persons to enter a building.