[221] Chinese company creating bicycle sharing service


Chinese company creating bicycle sharing service Chinese firm Didi is building a bicycle service in China that is similar to car-sharing services like Uber and Lyfte. Didi already has already bought Uber’s car sharing business in China. Now they are planning to apply the same business model to bicycle sharing. Didi has recently purchased bike sharing company Ofo. There are reportedly 70,000 bicycles available in 20 Chinese cities through Ofo’s phone app.


Epipen allergy injector in pricing scandal The makers of the epinephrine autoinjector Epipen have dramatically raised the price of their product, creating a scandal in the healthcare market, and an investigation by the U.S. government. Mylar Inc. produces the flashlight-sized injection system, which is used when patients go into anaphylactic shock as a result of an allergic reaction. The autoinjectors have a short expiration date and have to be replaced every year. The price of the auto-injector has been raised from around 120$ in 2007 to more than 600$ now for a pack of two autoinjectors. Mylar CEO Heather Bresch had a salary of 18,000,000$ in 2015. Her father is a U.S. Senator: Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

epinephrine: エピネフリン autoinjector: 自動注入装置


nail down the dates

SampleSaori: I’m planning on going to visit the Australian cities of Melbourne and Sydney with my sister and her friends.

Lila: That sounds great, but for such popular destinations you will have to reserve your airline seats very early. Have you nailed down the dates yet?

Saori: No, not yet. We have to wait until her friends confirm their vacation days from work. By next week I hope we can nail down a departure date and return date.

Explanation: “nail down the dates” means to confirm the schedule. To nail something down is like nailing something into a wall so that it doesn’t fall or move. Once we nail down the dates, we will not make any changes.

nail down the dates: 日付を明らかにする


chromosomal abnormality

Dr. Martinez: The fertility test showed that the spermatozoa in Mr. Lear’s test sample are not reaching maturity, and therefore he and his wife are having trouble conceiving a child. What do you think is the cause of this?

Dr. White: The problem with the sperm might be caused by a chromosomal abnormality. This happens in a small percentage of the male population. We should run some tests on the chromosomes before giving a final conclusion to the patient.

Explanation: The phrases “chromosomal abnormality” or “chromosomal defect” are used to describe any inherited problems on the chromosomes.

spermatozoa : 精子
chromosomal abnormality / defect : 異状・染色体異常



Hello Mr. Torres:

If we put a menu in each room of our hotel with a list of sandwiches and pizzas that can be delivered to the guest rooms, the hotel guests will be able to have food delivered instead of going out of the hotel to eat. That way we can increase our REV-PAR, which is revenue per available room. I’ll try to suggest this idea at the next administration meeting.

Explanation: The phrase “REV-PAR” means “Revenue Per Available Room” and is used in the hotel business. Hotels try to get maximum income (revenue) from each room by offering additional services such as massages, food delivery, pay-per-view television, and other services.

revenue: 収益・収入