[220] New US federal rules for self-driving cars


New US federal rules for self-driving cars are being put into place. In 2015 more than 35,000 people in the U.S. died in human-operated vehicle accidents. The new transportation rules are meant to ensure that new driverless cars are safer than the current systems. The chairman of the car-sharing company Lyfte has claimed that all cars in his company’s fleet will be self-driving by the year 2021, only five years from now. By next year, some companies will be offering driverless taxi services, starting with test routes in the cities of Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Phoenix. The U.S. currently has 700 million parking spaces, and most cars are unused for 96% of the time in each day.


Yahoo announces 500 million email accounts have been hacked The internet service provider has said that the hacking was done by a “state sponsor” but some security consultants doubt that an enemy government was involved. Yahoo announced on September 22 that the massive security breach had taken place, and has advised all Yahoo users to change their passwords to avoid any further theft of personal information.

hack (verb) / hackers (noun): ハッキング・不正アクセス・ハッカー


you read my mind!

Sandra: We were supposed to go to a movie this weekend, but the weather is so beautiful. It’s a shame to be indoors.

Kenneth: What if we climb the mountain and see the view of the ocean?

Sandra: Exactly! You read my mind. That’s a great idea. Let’s call our friends and start out early in the morning.

Explanation: “you read my mind ” is a very casual phrase that we use when two friends have the same idea at the same time.

you read my mind: 私の心を読みました



Mrs. Brown: Last week I had an asthma attack. I could hardly breathe. It happens to me from time to time, and I don’t know what to do.

Dr. Reyes: If you have an asthma flareup without warning, we can give you an inhaler. That way you can be ready for any flareups without going to the hospital.

Explanation: The phrase “flareup” is casual term that means an acute attack of a condition such as asthma, anxiety, or various skin conditions.

flareup: ぱっと燃え上がる


hook it up

Hello Mr. Sullivan:

We have bought a new sound system for our hotel dance hall. Now we need to have the electricians hook it up, and we’ll be able to have great music for the wedding receptions and parties. It will help to bring in new young customers.

Explanation: The verb phrase “hook it up” means to connect a system, such as an audio system, a camera system, a computer monitor, or a game console.

hook (something) up (verb): 接続する・繋ぐ