[226] New direct flight Tokyo to Madrid


New direct flight Tokyo to Madrid After more than 18 years without direct service, Spain’s capital of Madrid has been reconnected with a direct flight to Tokyo’s Narita Airport. The flight duration is more than 13 hours, but faster than other flights that require transit stops. The service is run as a codeshare agreement by Spain’s Iberia and Japan Air Lines. In 2015, over 600,000 Japanese tourists visited Spain.

codeshare / codeshare agreement: コードシェア


What will happen to the batteries of 4,300,000 flammable Samsung phones? Environmental protection groups have raised concerns about the environmental impact of the 4.3million recalled Samsung phones. The company announced the massive recall after reports of the phones bursting into flames. Their batteries will somehow have to be reprocessed and/or disposed. There are more than 3,000,000,000 mobile phones in the World, with batteries that contain valuable metals. Those metals can however be toxic if they are not properly recycled.

flammable: 燃えやすい物
environmental impact: 環境影響
toxic (adjective): 有毒な


tepid water

Charlotte: I hear that you moved to the seaside. How do you like your new apartment?

Nora: I really love the ocean view, and the kitchen setup, but I want the apartment management company to check the hot water heater. Ever since the weather turned cold, the shower only has tepid water. It never really gets warm enough for a comfortable bath or shower.

Explanation: The phrase “tepid water” means the water is not cold, but not hot either. It is just slightly warm.

tepid water: ぬるま湯



Doctor Lopez: We have a call from a local elementary school. One of the students was found unresponsive in the school cafeteria. It might be a case of hypoglycemia. The school staff wants to know what to do until the ambulance arrives.

Doctor Mitchell: They could try to give the victim some glucose such as fruit juice, but they need to make sure that the patient doesn’t choke on the liquid. It should only take the ambulance a few minutes to arrive at the scene.

Explanation: The word “unresponsive” means that a patient is not communicating, and unable to give any answers to questions.

unresponsive: 無反応・刺激に反応しないさま


levels have spiked

Hello Mr. Davis:

Since our new video camera was released, access levels have spiked on our website. We usually receive less than 3,000 hits per month, but last week alone we had more than 41,000 new customers accessing our website. It’s a great success for our new product. Let’s celebrate!

Explanation: The phrase “levels have spiked” means that the number has gone up very sharply. It is like seeing a graph that has a line going up suddenly. The word “spike” can be used for many situations, such as “spike-heeled shoes” or “railroad spikes.”

spike (verb/noun): スパイク波形・波形の尖頭