[201] A boring Olympic logo


A boring Olympic logo has been chosen by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic committee from over 15,000 entries. Some people have complained that the black-and-white geometric pattern of 45 shapes hurts their eyes and makes them dizzy. The spokesman of the Logo Selection Committee, Ryohei Miyata, admitted “there were people who said that it was understated or it made their eyes flash.” Others have pointed out that the design has no connection to the city of Tokyo.

point/point out (verb): 指す
understated (adjective): 渋い


Dignostic caompany Theranos is in trouble. The hi-tech company that claims to be able to run more than 200 diagnostic tests with just a few drops of sample blood is now under investigation in the U.S. The government wants to know how accurate the tests are, and how many of the tests are actually conducted on Theranos’ own systems rather than using diagnostic equipment manufactured by other companies.

diagnostic equipment (noun): 診断装置


no turning back

Robert: Did you hear that the new solar plane left Hawaii and is headed for California?

Mr. Ito: Yes, and I’m very worried about the pilot. Once he crosses the halfway point in the Pacific Ocean there is no turning back, so he will have to make it all the way to California without any mechanical failures.

Explanation: The phrase “no turning back” means that you cannot change a decision. You cannot reverse it or cancel it. The solar-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 made its longest flight from Hawaii to Mountain View, California this April 24th and landed without any major trouble. Halfway through the flight, there was no turning back, and the plane had to continue to the North American coast.

no turning back: 引き返さないこと
halfway point: 中間地点


assisted living facility

Mr. Henderson: My grandmother is very old and needs constant care. But my wife and I are both working. Do you think we should put her in a nursing home?

Hospital counselor: If your family is not able to provide care for her, you should think of moving her to an assisted care facility where trained staff can provide round-the-clock care for her. She will be in a safer environment, and she will also have a chance to interact with other people her age.

Explanation: A place that provides care for the elderly can be called a “nursing home.” But recently the term “assisted living facility” has become more common, because it sounds more friendly.

assisted living facility (noun): 老人福祉施設
round-the-clock care (noun): 昼夜を分かたず



Hello Jasper:

If you want to be promoted to the marketing department, you have to understand that it is a very fast-paced working environment. You will have to deal with many deadlines and high levels of stress.

Explanation: A “fast-paced” company or department is one where the work and assignments move quickly, and the employees have to complete many tasks in a short amount of time.

fast-paced working environment: ペースの早い環境で