[123] Plane makes emergency landing so woman can give birth


Plane makes emergency landing so woman can give birth A flight from Amsterdam to Atlanta declared an emergency shortly after takeoff and landed at Ireland’s Shannon Airport when a woman onboard went into labor. Medical crews were alerted and were on standby when the aircraft touched down. The crew reported that just prior to the landing the passenger’s contractions were only one minute apart. She was reported to be at 37 weeks gestation. The airline, Delta, said that their airline does not prevent pregnant women over 8 months from boarding, but some airlines require a doctor’s note for passengers in late-term pregnancy.


the premises

Murphy: Can I bring my pet snake into the hotel? I promise it won’t make any noise.

Hotel Manager: I’m sorry, but pets aren’t allowed on the premises, even if they’re quiet ones.

Explanation: The phrase “the premises” is a way of saying “the property where the business is located.”


maternal leave of absence

Patient: I want to spend time preparing for my baby’s birth, but I have to work hard at my job every day.

Doctor: I can write you an official note so that you can get a maternal leave of absence, both before giving birth as well as after giving birth.

Explanation: A “maternal leave of absence” is an official permission for the expecting mother to take time off of work so that she can rest and care for the newborn child.


We need a decision

Dear Zoey:

Our clients are flying in from Melbourne, and they will want to know if we are going to sign the contract or not. They are arriving tomorrow morning. We need a decision!

Explanation: The phrase “We need a decision” is a polite but clear way of saying “You need to decide right away.”